tom XXII / numer 2Karolina Jarecka, Jakość związku a objawy menopauzalne u kobiet i andropauzalne u mężczyzn

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The aim of this study was to evaluate the importance and impact of one’s
assessment of the quality of one’s relationship on the occurrence and intensity of
menopausal symptoms of women and andropausal symptoms of men. The study
included 397 persons between the ages of 45 and 68, in stable relationships. The
respondents were divided into three age groups: with risk of symptoms, in transitional
period, after menopause/andropause. The research used a survey of self-
-design, “Women’s Health” questionnaire (WHQ) by Hunter, Self-Esteem Test
recommended by “Organon” for men and Partner Relations Questionnaire (PFB)
by Hahlweg. The results of the study have indicated that most menopausal symptoms
of hormonal changes – including those of the greatest severity – are experienced
by women in perimenopausal and postmenopausal phases and men aged
53-68 years, this period being adopted as inherent to andropause. The quality of
the relationship is assessed the lowest by women after menopause and men in the
age range of 53-68. The oldest group of women is characterized by the most relevant
and significant dependencies between the dimensions of the quality of the relationship
and the menopausal symptoms. The oldest men (aged 53-68 years) evaluate
the quality of their relationship the worst, however the most numerous substantial
dependencies with andropausal symptoms are experienced by the group aged
50-52 years (in the transitional period), whereas in the youngest studied group of
men (with risk of symptoms), they are the strongest. The most essential assessment
was the one relating to intimacy – its poor evaluation is accompanied by higher
intensity of most menopausal and andropausal symptoms experienced.
Key words: menopause, andropause, the quality of the relationship

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Rocznik: 2017


Numer: 2

Tytuł: Jakość związku a objawy menopauzalne u kobiet i andropauzalne u mężczyzn

Autorzy: Karolina Jarecka

PFP: 219-241

DOI: 10.14656/PFP20170203