tom XXII / numer 1Mariola Kokowska, Doświadczenie muzyczne w regulacji nastroju

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The theoretical concept of the use of music in daily life and its connection
to mood regulation in terms of musical experience, describe people in terms of their
individual differences. Considered in this context, the issues relate to the relationship
between musical experience (according to the concept of P.D. Werner, 2006)
and the use of mood regulation strategies (according to the idea R. Larsen, 2000) or
the use of control strategies involving mood music (according to the concept of S.
Saarikallio and J. Erkkilä, 2007). Citing the results of their study, lead author introduces
the reader to the world of elementary operations empirical and wants to stimulate
reflection on the issue of infiltration of human experience in the field of
psychology to the complex world of music.
Key words: music, mood regulation, musical experience, schizophrenia

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Rocznik: 2017


Numer: 1

Tytuł: Doświadczenie muzyczne w regulacji nastroju

Autorzy: Mariola Kokowska

PFP: s. 90-115

DOI: 10.14656/PFP20170106