tom XXI / numer 3Radosław Rogoza, Marta Rogoza, Patrycja Wyszyńska, Polska adaptacja modelu narcystycznego podziwu i rywalizacji

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Current paper presents theoretical model of grandiose narcissism recently
proposed by Back et al. (2013). The model was empirically verified by using
the Narcissistic Admiration and Rivalry Questionnaire (NARQ), which was
adopted to Polish culture, thereby replicating results of Back et al. (2013). In current
paper we present the results of the series of four consecutive studies, which
aimed to prepare culturally relevant version of NARQ. Therefore, we verified three
research hypotheses regarding psychometric properties concerning: (1) external
validity, (2) reliability, and (3) factorial validity. Total of N = 1982 adults from Poland
participated in the study. The obtained results show, that the final version
of NARQ is characterized by (1) good external validity with other questionnaires
measuring grandiose narcissism; (2) excellent reliability measured by ω coefficient
(McDonald, 1999); and (3) factorial validity – model of confirmatory factor analysis
confirmed assumed structure of the measure and was excellently fitted to the data.
Key words: narcissism, NARQ, adaptation, admiration rivalry

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Rocznik: 2016

Tom: XXI

Numer: 3

Tytuł: Polska adaptacja modelu narcystycznego podziwu i rywalizacji

Autorzy: Radosław Rogoza, Marta Rogoza, Patrycja Wyszyńska

PFP: 410-431

DOI: 10.14656/PFP20160306