tom XXI / numer 1Emilia Wegner, Ludwika Wojciechowska, Uważność rodzicielska oraz jej aspekty teoretyczne i aplikacyjne

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The aim of this paper is to prove the theoretical and practical value of
the concept of mindful parenting, which has grown out of the broader concept
of mindfulness. Mindful parenting (Duncan, Coatsworth, Greenberg, 2009) is defined
as intentionally and non-judgmentally paying attention by parents to their
moment-to-moment experience during parent-child interaction. It is manifested
through: listening with full attention, bringing non-judgmental acceptance into
their parenting interactions, emotional awareness of self and child, self-regulation
in the parental relationship and developing their compassion for self and child.
The research results presented here indicate that mindful parenting is positively
correlated with well-being and building parent-child relationship. The results also
show that it is possible to develop one’s mindful parenting.
Key words: mindfulness, mindful parenting, mindfulness training, family

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Rocznik: 2016

Tom: XXI

Numer: 1

Tytuł: Uważność rodzicielska oraz jej aspekty teoretyczne i aplikacyjne

Autorzy: Emilia Wegner, Ludwika Wojciechowska

PFP: 23-33

DOI: 10.14656/PFP20160102