tom XXI / numer 1Elżbieta Napora, Relacje z dziadkami a subiektywna ocena jakości życia ich wnuków w rodzinach o różnej strukturze

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The article presents the results of research carried out among students,
on inter-relationships between young people and grandparents, and the impact
of these compounds on the quality of life of respondents from families with full
or conducted by single mothers. The hypotheses were expected to assess the relationship
grandparents-grandchildren, in dimensions frequency and proximity,
they shall be differentiated by family structure and line of re-lationship with their
The results of measurements carried out in the group (N = 196), not only they are
confirmed, but also showed significant differences in evaluations determined by
gender of grandparents and period of grandchildren’s life(including adolescent
phase). It was also found that family structure significantly differentiates the subjective
assessment of quality of youth life, and this situations are expressed by their
opinions on the relationship with grandparents. The frequency of contacts with
their grandchildren grandparents showed a significant association with the proximity
of relationship, regardless of the lifetime of the respondents. At the same time
the values of correlation coefficients between the frequency of evaluation of the
relationship with the grandmother and grandfather, from mother, decrease with
grandchildren’s growing up. The opposite trend can be seen in relation to the ratings of this compound expressed by both his grandparents from father site, for
whom these values clearly increase with the passage of time, regardless of family
Key words: grandchild, quality of life, single mother family

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Rocznik: 2016

Tom: XXI

Numer: 1

Tytuł: Relacje z dziadkami a subiektywna ocena jakości życia ich wnuków w rodzinach o różnej strukturze

Autorzy: Elżbieta Napora

PFP: 5-22

DOI: 10.14656/PFP20160101