tom XV / numer 2Monika Wróbel, Podmiotowe wyznaczniki podatności na zarażenie afektywne

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The aim of the study was to identify individual determinants of suscepti­bility to affective contagion. Particular emphasis was placed on the variables whose role in determining susceptibility to affective contagion is still unclear. The results in­dicated that femininity and extraversión play a great role in explaining susceptibility to positive states, whereas femininity, neuroticism (in men) and emotional reactivity and determine susceptibility to negative states. All the variables are directly related to the dependent variable. The rest of the analysed personality and temperament traits are in either direct or indirect relationship with susceptibility to affective contagion.

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Rocznik: 2010

Tom: XV

Numer: 2

Tytuł: Podmiotowe wyznaczniki podatności na zarażenie afektywne

Autorzy: Monika Wróbel

PFP: 227-240