tom XX / numer 4 Iwona Grzegorzewska, Zachowania agresywne dzieci i młodzieży. Ujęcie kliniczno-rozwojowe

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This article reviews the current research of literature on aggression in childhood and adolescence. The research suggests that a common characteristic of all seriously aggressive children is that they have intense negative effects on the people who interact with them. The longitudinal research has indicated that aggressive behavior is quite stable during childhood and adolescence, and aggression is more consistent over time than most of the other behavioral patterns. Furthermore, aggressive children are referred to school interventions and mental health services at higher rates than children with other forms of psychopathology. The analysis of aggressive behavior of children and adolescents from clinical and developmental points of view is important for assessment of the factors related to a child’s aggressive tendencies and a comprehensive treatment plan design.

Key words: aggression, risk and protective factors, development of aggression, clinical assessment

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Rocznik: 2015

Tom: XX

Numer: 4

Tytuł: Zachowania agresywne dzieci i młodzieży. Ujęcie kliniczno-rozwojowe

Autorzy: Iwona Grzegorzewska

PFP: 484-498

DOI: 10.14656/PFP20150403