tom XX / numer 1Damian Grabowski, Indywidualizm, kolektywizm a etyka pracy

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The article presents the relations between the categories of individualism, collectivism and work ethic. Individualism and collectivism are shown as cultural syndromes and multi-dimensional categories that refer to attitudes and beliefs and are described as vertical and horizontal versions (of individualism and collectivism). The main features of work ethic treated as a system of attitudes and beliefs are: (1) centrality of work; (2) hard work; (3) wasted time, (4) disapproval of leisure time, (5) tendency to delay gratification, (6) self-reliance, (7) morality/ethics. The studies carried out on the sample of 414 students show that individualism, collectivism and work ethic are mutually correlated. What is essential is that stronger relations with work ethic are represented by vertical and horizontal collectivism. It was shown in the analysis of regression that vertical individualism decreases readiness to act honestly. However, the dimensions of collectivism increase it. To sum up, two perspectives of relations are visible here: 1. aspiring to success that is connected with individualism; 2. sacrifice, delay of gratification and honest work that are embodied in collectivism.

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Rocznik: 2015

Tom: XX

Numer: 1

Tytuł: Indywidualizm, kolektywizm a etyka pracy

Autorzy: Damian Grabowski

PFP: 62-77

DOI: 10.14656/PFP20150105