tom XIX / numer 4Małgorzata Rękosiewicz, Monika Wysota, Konstrukcja i użycie kwestionariusza percepcji stylów wychowawczych (KPSW)

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The paper presents construction of Perceptions of Parenting Styles Questionnaire in its two versions: PPSQ-M (perception of mother’s parenting style) and PPSQ-F (perception of father’s parenting style). The questionnaire is used for diagnosis of parenting style (delegating, selling, participating, telling) and the flexibility in the use of parenting style of parents in the perception of their children (children in school age to emerging adulthood). The questionnaire is based on the theoretical framework of Hersey and Campbell (1999) and the questionnaire for parents – Parenting Styles by Hersey and Campbell in Polish adaptation by Hornowska (2007). Several steps of constructing the questionnaire as well as its psychometric characteristics have been presented. The questionnaire obtained satisfactory results during reliability analysis using Cronbach’s method.
Key words: situational parenting, Perceptions of Parenting Styles Questionnaire (PPSQ), parenting style

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Rocznik: 2014

Tom: XIX

Numer: 4

Tytuł: Konstrukcja i użycie kwestionariusza percepcji stylów wychowawczych (KPSW)

Autorzy: Małgorzata Rękosiewicz, Monika Wysota


DOI: 10.14656/PFP20140405