Aleksandra Peplińska, Anna Sadowska Osobowościowe predyktory równoważenia ról zawodowych i rodzinnych wśród kobiet

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Rocznik: 2014

Tom: XIX

Numer: 1

Tytuł: Osobowościowe predyktory równoważenia ról zawodowych i rodzinnych wśród kobiet

Autorzy: Aleksandra Peplińska, Anna Sadowska




Since the earliest age, each man plays various interrelated and coexisting roles in their family, social and professional life. Individual roles are realised simultaneously or sequentially and remain in relationship. Each role may complement, expand or disturb the course of a career in life. Undoubtedly, family/personal life and work are the key areas of human life. One cannot treat both these areas as independent of each other. There exists a continuous spillover between them – a natural, dynamic process developing over the entire course of human life. The effective integration of the spheres of work and family functioning is conditioned by many factors. On the basis of the literature, we can divide the determinants of the integration of these two roles into two categories: environmental, resulting, for instance, from the specific nature of the workplace or organization, the roles fulfilled, and the profession; individual, which can be associated with the properties of the individual, such as gender, age, education, children, or the status of the relationship, or they may result from the structure of the personality and the mental properties of the individual, such as motivation, values, level of commitment, mental health, physical health, etc. One of the crucial elements in the process of balancing work and family roles is the personality. The research on this issue indicates that among the dimensions of personality that have particular importance are
neuroticism and extraversion, which significantly affect the direction and quality of the spillover between these two spheres of functioning. The aim of presented study was verify personality predictors of work-life balance among women. The survey involved 160 women with the various education, working professionally and possessing the least one child.
Key words: work-family conflict, family-work conflict, work-life balance, personality, personality predictors