tom XIX / numer 1Věra Kosíková, Hanna Liberska, Marzanna Farnicka, Formative function of assessment in a psycho-didactical context

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This contribution focuses on the formative function of assessment. The assessment of a student continuously informs about his or her performance, whereby it improves upon his or her learning processes. The formative function of assessment is mainly achieved by feedback resulting from the student‘s performance. This contribution focuses on selected aspects of the formative function of assessment, on the concordance of teaching and assessment goals (and processes) from the perspective of their formulation and the assessment criteria, on the examination of the understanding of the taught subject from the perspective of adopting concepts and their correctness during evaluation, on the didactic approach when working with errors while analyzing the student‘s performance.
Key words: formative function of assessment, psycho-didactical understanding,
meta-reflection, work with errors, teaching and assessment goals, assessment criteria, revised Bloom taxonomy, adopting of concepts, analysis of student performance

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Rocznik: 2014

Tom: XIX

Numer: 1

Tytuł: Formative function of assessment in a psycho-didactical context

Autorzy: Věra Kosíková, Hanna Liberska, Marzanna Farnicka


DOI: 10.14656/PFP20140101