tom XVIII / numer 4Elwira Brygoła, Spójność, stabilność i otwartość jako wymiary tożsamości osobistej

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The aim of presented research was to explore of personal identity with
regard to its structure and content. On the basis of Seymour Epstein’s theory (1991)
the exploration included both the sphere of feeling and thinking subject and the
sphere of content, coded in mind and recognized as described the self. After review
of specialist literature 16 identity senses were gathered and as a result of
conducted research and using of Exploratory Factor Analysis the identity senses
were grouped into three dimensions: Coherence, Stability and Openness. These
three dimensions are treated as structural characteristics of personal identity and
as such they display different levels among individuals. Theoretical and empirical
meaning of Coherence, Stability and Openness are described and discussed in the
article. There is also conclusion that dimension that is the most intensified in someone’s
identity, it is at the same time the rule of organization of his or her identity.
Key words: personal identity, identity senses, identity structure

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Rocznik: 2013


Numer: 4

Tytuł: Spójność, stabilność i otwartość jako wymiary tożsamości osobistej

Autorzy: Elwira Brygoła