tom XVIII / numer 3Stanisław Radoń, Korelaty przeżyć mistycznych młodzieży o uzdolnieniach artystycznych

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Both artists and mystics have been inspired throughout the ages by
divine powers. Both therefore have a need for isolation so that their acts of devotion
may be performed and preparation is made for incubation and enlightenment.
This article examines the role of personality traits on mystical experiences
among artistically gifted young people. Ss (N = 150 aged 15-20 yrs) were administered
questionnaire measures personality traits (Cattell’s Personality Questionnaire,
Eysenck’s Personality Questionnaire Revised, Szymołon’s Fascination and Fear Scale)
and religious experience (Hood’s Mysticism Scale). Canonical correlation were used
(SPSS). The effects of psychological analysis suggests that creativity (psychoticism,
extraversion, emotional stability, anxiety and emotional ambivalence to God) is
important factor on mystical experience (tree aspects of mysticism: timelessness,
ineffability and positive affect) on creative persons, especially on women; on men
is limited to one trait of personality (suspicion) and one aspect of mysticism (timelessness).
The results suggest that creativity and gender may be important variable
to consider within the theory of religious experience.
Key words: mysticism, mystical experiences, creativity, personality

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Rocznik: 2013


Numer: 3

Tytuł: Korelaty przeżyć mistycznych młodzieży o uzdolnieniach artystycznych

Autorzy: Stanisław Radoń

PFP: 346-362