tom XVIII / numer 1Włodzisław Zeidler, Jürgen Rost: statystyka w  służbie metodologii?

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This article presents a profile of Jurgen Rost against a background of German psychology’s development. Jurgen Rost graduated from Christian-Albrechts University in 1976 and in 1980, after additional studies in mathematics he received PhD diploma. His scientific achievements include over 120 titles on very diverse subjects addressed to specialists, students, teachers and policy-makers. Some part of his works concerns methodology and efficiency of teaching in natural sciences and another part refers to statistics and methodology, e.g. to latent variables. Rost is also one of the scientists who tried to find a way to invalidate surface contradiction of quantitative and qualitative.
Key words: Jurgen Rost, statistics, methodology, German psychology

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Rocznik: 2013


Numer: 1

Tytuł: Jürgen Rost: statystyka w  służbie metodologii?

Autorzy: Włodzisław Zeidler