tom XVII / numer 2Paweł Błaszczyński, Aleksander Romanowicz Łuria: zarys naukowej biografii

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Alexander Romanovich Luria is a person, who’s influence on the contemporary
psychology is doubtless – literally each neuropsychological text contains
some comments to his ideas. The range and novelty of his findings are widely
known in Poland – at the same time there is not enough information about his private
life, his career and factors or people that decided how his life looked like. The
article is an attempt to present the main events of Luria’s life, the most important
aspects of his theories and findings and all the backgrountd that made his one of
the most important psychologists ever. It consists of the characteristics of Luria’s
attitude to the science, descriptions of the main periods of his life and career, the
most influantial publications and achievements. It’s aspiration is to give a brief
portrait of Luria’s life that may be especially important for polish psychologists,
who had waited a long time for such a publication.
Key words: Luria, neuropsychology, linguistics.

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Rocznik: 2012


Numer: 2

Tytuł: Aleksander Romanowicz Łuria: zarys naukowej biografii

Autorzy: Paweł Błaszczyński

PFP: 233-246